About Us

LIFE House – Wellness & Events

Holistic Well-being basically sums it all up~

EVENTS: The love of events is the drive to create these workshops in the area of beauty and wellness, for example:

  • Make-up workshops
  • Healthy cooking classes for companies (Corporate Wellness)
  • Nutrition program / Corporate nutrition collaborations
  • Fitness coaching
  • Grooming classes
  • Food related events (such as Chef Table event)

SPACE: We are located in Mahkota Cheras and our workspace can be rented. It has a cooking area to promote healthy cooking or cooking classes. It is a spacious area to cater to groups – maximum 15pax for workout sessions too (as we have a wall of mirrors “wink”).

Facebook: Life-House-Wellness-Events-175312953275537

Instagram: @lifehouse_wellness